At the Dectcorp LLC. we plan and implement comprehensive digital strategy for businesses. Our experts create data driven marketing strategies which focuses on consumer behavior. As Digital marketing is a ever changing and poses several challenges to small and medium businesses we provide tailor-made as well as custom marketing solutions for our customers. Following is a list of online marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide detailed SEO audits and Organic marketing strategies for based on competitors’ audit, keyword research, and consumer behavior research.

PPC marketing

As Organic marketing demands considerable effort and time, businesses that need quicker leads, Pay Per click is the answer. Our PPC experts, study the business in detail and create PPC campaigns that can generate leads. We also monitor and optimize PPC campaigns in order to generate better results.

Website Design and Development

DectsCorp Design and development team brings a blend of user experience and Search engine compatibility together.This not only brings better SEO results but also ensures better consumer experience.